Ethical Policy

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The ethical policy of Groupe Tara S.A. expresses the essential core values that our staff members rely on while performing their duties.

Groupe Tara S.A. is wholly compliant with all the legal requirements of the Government of Iraq and the Government of Switzerland.


In Iraq, a contract’s success is dependent upon a sensible and considered engagement with local, indigenous people. The engagement must be honest and fair, and it must ensure that people are treated with respect at all times. From this baseline, the project can be structured and delivered. Thereafter the standard principles of client protection and safety are applied to all activities, and delivered with sensitivity to the local security conditions, and in turn with a constant willingness to be responsive and innovative in order to mitigate threats. Combined with full accountability, operational visibility, regular reporting, face-to-face meetings, and a very real duty of care, professionalism and the constant pursuit of excellence, Groupe Tara S.A. ensures clients feel important, cared for, and a priority.

Ethics of Groupe Tara S.A. include:

  • Effectiveness and efficiency, including by assessing, monitoring and controlling the activities of our staff members.
  • Exemplary actions and constant commitment to our clients.
  • Ensuring continuous staff training.
  • Prohibiting any discrimination of any kind and guaranteeing compliance with gender equality.
  • Creating a harmonious working environment generating trust and fostering motivation, exchange, team spirit and innovation.
  • Promoting the continuous development of employees’ skills.
  • Respecting Groupe Tara S.A. partners and promoting mutual trust.

Members of Groupe Tara S.A. agree on:

  • Complying with laws, directives, regulations and procedures.
  • Providing professional quality of services.
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest that could damage the image of Groupe Tara S.A. and its clients.
  • Ensuring proper, effective and efficient use of available resources.
  • Ensuring the confidentiality of any information staff could obtain during assignments.

Groupe Tara S.A. is a member of the ICoCA.

Groupe Tara S.A. has established procedures, which allow staff, other stakeholders and third parties to report any potential violations of the International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA), company policies or illegal conduct.

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