What We Do

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Groupe Tara S.A. brings you customised security solutions that match all your needs.


We are primarily focused on providing secure solutions to clients in complex or unfamiliar environments, providing national governments, multinational corporations and security agencies with the tools and support to identify and mitigate operational risk.

We have proven experience in supporting and protecting our clients in Iraq for years. Our protection department provides a wide range of security services, including mobile and static security, logistics, and safety assessments for industrial plants.

We have regional offices in two key cities; Baghdad and Burjasia, Basra Province; we have also a partner in the Kurdistan region (KRG). Our offices support further countrywide project bases at various oilfield, power and construction sites, giving us a spread of personnel and local expertise throughout the country.

Our centre of gravity is in Baghdad, where the senior management and supporting departments are based. This structure affords clients the confidence that today’s challenges will be dealt with at the highest level today.

  • Operating in Iraq since 2003 with no security incidents.
  • Supervision of hundreds of security missions across Iraq.
  • Successful protection of industrial sites and creation of oil & gas/energy infrastructure security plans.
  • Sustainable approach to every operation and task.
  • Providing the best working conditions and benefits for our local staff.
  • Providing free or discounted services to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).
  • Investing in the local economy in our areas of operation.

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Core Activities

Our operational, licensed and experienced Armed Protection Teams (Personal Security Details – PSD) possess extensive convoy and PSD operational experience. The teams have intimate knowledge of all provinces in Iraq, and are highly versed in PSD tactics and procedures. Teams are currently located at our regional offices in Baghdad and Basra, and are immediately available for tasking, subject to other commitments. Team composition varies depending upon client requirement and the threat, but all are monitored by our global tracking and management systems.

The teams can be deployed at any project work site and any other locations away from the secure accommodation where the clients reside. Teams also provide close protection on foot in any dismounted role whilst on task.

Groupe Tara S.A. has access to a large number of highly experienced, well-trained close protection officers. Experienced operational management and PSD personnel ensure seamless relief and maintain a high level of situational awareness. This is reinforced by ground knowledge, established professional relationships, operationally proven tactics and procedures, and adherence to all Iraqi policies and directives.

We use the tracker fleet management system to monitor the movements of the convoy and to ensure our clients location in order to send a QRF to rescue them in case of problem and also to communicate the exact location of the convoy to the Iraqi Security Forces. Each principal car is equipped with this device.

Groupe Tara S.A. has established numerous, small and large scale guard forces throughout the country, including numerous client villa/headquarters and numerous man camps on client project areas around the country. Our Operations Team is well experienced in the process of selecting, screening, training, delivering and managing these guard forces to budget and mobilization timelines. Each contract is looked at individually and in consultation with the client. Following threat assessments and site visits, guard numbers are assessed and a suitable management structure is decided upon.


As part of our ability to successfully provide cradle-to-grave security solutions for all clients, we offer several layers of logistic capacity throughout the country. These include life support for small numbers of individuals, or small teams, and they run through to the provision of complete camp construction and management. These abilities are supported by our ability to assist commercial clients in business operations in Iraq, by our capacity to support ourselves through our own supply chains, and our tiered medical support program. In country, we have personnel who are dedicated to working in logistics, life support and procurement, to ensure that this service remains continuously active.


As a reflection of our geographical spread throughout Iraq, Groupe Tara S.A. has two regional hubs in the north and south of the country – in Baghdad and Basra (and another operational hub with a partner in Erbil). While both offices are operational centres, they also provide life support for teams of clients making use of our APT/PSD services. This consists of accommodation, catering, facilities management, fuel supply and vehicle maintenance as necessary.

Image below: Groupe Tara S.A. security team picking up a client after their arrival with a private jet.

As a sign of our continued commitment to the Iraq market place we have opened our own independent camp. Located west Al Zubayr it is situated centrally between the major southern oilfields and within easy distance of Basra City, the airport, the COB and the various field headquarters of the SOC and IOCs. The camp offers a complete range of facilities including accommodation, office space, warehouse storage and full life support. All the camp facilities are contained within a tightly secured and physically protected environment.

The picture and videos below are of Groupe Tara S.A. staff members practicing at the private shooting range in Burjasia camp, Basra Province.